Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sam's pillow

My sister requested a pillow for her almost 2-year-old, Sam. He likes to sleep with a pillow, but if it's too fluffy his neck gets all jacked up. So Natalie's only request is that the pillow is pretty flat. Here's what I came up with.
I just happened to have some extra robot fabric on hand (surprise!), so I used that for the front. It measures 12 x 18.

I figured wash-ability was a must, so I used the basic method from this tutorial on Cluck, Cluck, Sew to make an envelope-style case. I used two pieces of navy fabric for the back, 12 x 11 and 12 x 15. The pillow case can be easily removed for washing.

For the stuffing, I used 1-inch-thick foam, which you can buy by the yard at craft/fabric stores.

It makes a thin pillow, which hopefully will result in minimal jacking up of the neck. This was a quick and inexpensive project (unless my sister asks--then it was time-consuming and pricey), but I think it turned out pretty cute!


Leah said...

Very clever! You did a great job.

The Bakers said...

Nice work, krafty.

Natalie said...

Busted. Can't claim time consuming and pricey now, eh? Thanks. He's going to love it.

Robin said...

good job, Katie. Love the robot fabric. It looks time consuming and pricey.

Stephanie said...

SUPER cute. I hear robot fabric is priced at a premium these days, as is your hourly rate. Ha.

Also, love "minimal jacking up of the neck."