Thursday, October 15, 2009

Today's Modern Family love

Please tell me you're watching this show. It's seriously hilarious. I think Cameron is shaping up to be my favorite.

P.S. I got Gloria!

Okay, maybe Phil is my favorite.


Robin said...

I can't pick my favorite. I love grandpa, the overweight guy, the dad, the mom. step grandma.

they are all great characters and we laugh outloud a lot.

Natalie said...

Phil is my favorite. It is great. I was preparing to hate Al Bundy, but he's really good.

Anonymous said...

I Love Gloria and Manny. Mary

Anonymous said...

Uncle Bob laughed through the whole episode. It is so funny. Shelly Long was hilarious this week. And the song the boyfriend wrote? Oh my!

Bonnie said...

Absolutely! It is our favorite right now. We watched the scene where Jay stomps on Manny's flute over and over and over. Love this show!