Wednesday, November 19, 2008

You probably think this post is about you

Vanity plates entertain me. First of all, I love how the name just gets it out there: These are for vain people. Second, I love the thought that you could go to purchase a license plate and think, "Hmm. How can I make this MORE expensive?" Where I live it costs an extra $50 a year. You really have to believe in your tag to add that charge.

I enjoy the ones that are like puzzles that you have to figure out. Some can be cute. My friend drives a pink scooter with the tag PRETTYN. I saw a little old lady driving a Jaguar with the tag MA'AM. Cute. (And who knew you could have an apostrophe?)

The vast majority are just obnoxious. And they really tell you something about the driver of the car. For example:

  • DDYSGRL: Gotta admit, I wanted to rear-end her.
  • 1SWTMOM: This one must be ironic, because Sweet Mom drives a minivan, sells Mary Kay, and seems to be afflicted with a nasty case of road rage
  • LOST W8: Good for you, dude. Maybe I'll get one that says STL FAT.

There are a few good ones at work...but I should probably not post those.

Anyone have funny vanity plates to share?


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have trouble figurieng them out. Am I not to swift?


Anonymous said...

Really the vanity plate defines a person. And we call the person by their vanity plate. "That is "SIZZLIN" over there. It is entertaining. MM

Robin said...


the mom of a girl you went to school with always had that on her cadillac.

I wasn't impressed.

Natalie said...

I don't get PRETTYN
I'm going to have to start paying more attention. Nathlyn has TCHRPET.

Katie B said...

The scooter is pink: Pretty In (PrettyN) Pink.

Anonymous said...

CUBFAN1 lives in my neighborhood. I said, "Are you from Chicago?"
"No, I have lived in Cincinnati all my life. I just like the Cubs." What a conversation ender. MM

Unknown said...

I saw one the other day that said "I [heart] MY BUT". Forget apostrophes, who knew you could do a heart?

I took a photo if you don't believe me.