Friday, November 14, 2008

G'day Mates

I know wishing for an ailment is probably ill-advised, but, I don’t know, Foreign Accent Syndrome might be kinda awesome.


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

I'll take the British version, please. Every topic just sounds more regal with a British accent. --Marilyn

Robin said...

I kept thinking that had to be a SNL skit. Bizarre.

Anonymous said...

I would like Uncle Bob to have a British accent.

There is a priest in our town from Frankfort Indiana who speaks with a hint of a Scottish accent. We think he's a bit weird.

I had a college roommate who spoke with a German accent for about a semester. Her parents were going through a bitter divorce at the time. I think she had mental health issues.

Another guy in college spoke with an Italian accent all the time and told everyone he was from Italy. Constantly. He was from Anderson Indiana. We only discovered that when our friends from Anderson asked if we knew their classmate. We presumed he had been an exchange student. I was with them when they confronted him.

Aunt T

Leah said...

I'm sure that Heinz would say this is another good reason not to go to a chiropractor.

Natalie said...

I usually have a southern accent when I come back from Alabama. And once I listened to a book on cd where the reader had a British accent and I had a hint of one for weeks...Bloody hell, am I afflicted?