Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Office: Discuss!

My sister sent me a 911 text asking me to recap The Office for her again. (Nat, did you really send that text before watching the episode? If not, weird! If so, funny.) Anywho, I didn't watch it with the intent of blogging, so I'll just mention a few things.
  • The microwave. This scene must've been stolen from my workplace. There is literally a person who leaves notes like that on our microwave.
  • Michael's reaction to Toby's return. NOOOOOO! NO GOD NO!!!!! Poor, sad Toby.
  • Creed. Good grief, could he be any creepier?
  • Michael's $500 Caprese salad. Hilarious. Anyone else have a hard time believing Michael keeps that kind of cash on his person?
  • The house. I was afraid Pam was going to be upset. Loved her reaction.
  • Ryan going to Thailand with friends from high school. Well, a high school. (Ryan is taking a leave of absence from the show to film the new Quentin Tarantino movie, so this may be the last we see of him for a while.)
  • Best line: Sometimes the ends justify the mean.


Natalie said...

The text messaging was hilarious. I just started watching when I sent you that... and Dwight's whole, "men find me attractive" routine. Michael parceling up his brownies for later. I thought this was a particularly hilarious episode.