Wednesday, November 26, 2008

One afternoon, two movies

This afternoon we went to see two movies. That's right, two movies. We love going to the movies, and we haven't been together in about a year. It was everything I hoped it would be. The movies we saw weren't stellar, but both were entertaining. And let's be real: I can't possibly complain about an afternoon that involves Vince Vaughn, a bucket of popcorn, and lots of explosions.
I had very high hopes for Four Christmases. It was pretty funny, but it kinda dragged in parts. And it is only an hour and 20 minutes long, so that's a bad sign.
Then Leah and Heinz joined us for Quantum of Solace. You may have heard that you need a Casino Royale refresher before watching this movie. I didn't heed that advice and was a bit confused. Nevertheless, it was entertaining. Just what you'd expect from the new era of Bond (which, to me, looks a lot like the Bourne movies).

All in all, a great Wednesday afternoon!


Leah said...

Another James Bond tip: Close your eyes for the fight scenes if you get motion sick.

Anonymous said...

Katie: You are my hero. I've only done two movies in one day once or twice in my life, but it is the ultimate in fun. Aunt T

Anonymous said...

We all saw 4 Christmases and loved it. Aunt M