Friday, December 28, 2012

Handmade Holidays wrap-up

I got all of my Christmas projects finished up without too much stress, so I consider that a win!

Here's what I made.
This snow isn't good for much but it does make a pretty quilt photo backdrop. This Hello Betty postage stamp went to my mother-in-law.
I think this was my oldest WIP, and I finished it up for my mother-in-law. I started this with the postage stamp quilt-along with Rachel of P.S. I Quilt back in *cough* January 2011.

I was able to finish this quilt thanks to a destash from Kaye/Miss Print. The fabric is Hello Betty, and I love the way it turned out! I am anti-snow, but it does make for a pretty photo!

Also for my mother-in-law (she's on the nice list), stockings for her grandkids.

I used the Merry pattern from Thimbleblossoms and some leftover Christmas fabric I had on hand.
Mama Said Sew wall hanging for my mama. #handmadeholidays
I made a wall-hanging for my mom using the Spools pattern and Mama Said Sew fabric from Sweetwater.
Quilt in a day (almost--needs binding). I went with the red thread but left the white sashing unquilted.
I finished up this Spiderman quilt, but I don't have a photo of the finished product.

9 pouches finished tonight. I'm going to regret this tomorrow. Kinda want to keep the feathered one...
I sewed up nine pouches for my coworkers and my son's teachers using the Ruched Happy Bag pattern from During Quiet Time.

Made a Lego table for my son. Ikea table with Lego base plates glued to the top with a storage bin on casters underneath. I'm hoping it helps preserve my sanity.
Finally, in the non-fabric realm, I made my son a Lego table using a Lack table and Vessla storage bin from Ikea and glued some Lego base plates to the top. Easy and cheap!

I'm enjoying a little break from my sewing machine before I think about my 2013 plans. First up: Finishing some longstanding WIPs!


Jenniffier said...

Your postage stamp quilt looks great!

Heather D. said...

Wow, Katie, it's all so amazing. Love the postage stamp. Wish I could say my mother-in-law was on the nice list. hehe

Debbie said...

oh yay for the oldest wip! It looks great!

Lindsay Conner said...

That postage stamp quilt is gorgeous! What a great gift, and some of my all-time favorite fabric. :)

Sarah said...

Hey, great idea for a Lego table! I remember similar from when I was a kid, but I've never seen them retailed for my kids. But your way was so cheap! Hmmm might look into that for a holidayproject. Don't be embarrassed about a 2011 UFO. I have them from 2001! But I don't really like them anymore so I might give them to the op shop. Someone will adopt them I reckon.

Sarah said...

Oh, I also have a question for you. Why do you not like snow? I live in Australia, and we don't get snow where I live, and I've never visited a snowing area. So I wonder what the hassles are with it? I see quite a few comments by bloggers in the northern hemisphere about not being a fan of snow.

Lisa H. said...

The postage stamp quilt turned out great! I'll bet your mother-in-law loved it. Clever Lego table, too! Here's to a New Year filled with more quilt projects!

Marla said...

Where did you go that it snowed? That lego table is too cool. Mad progress, woman. I am impressed!

Angela Nash said...

Love your sewing finishes, but as the boy-mom, I super love your Ikea lego table! Great idea.

**nicke... said...

katie! you are amazing! i love everything you make and you did totally deserve a break! ;) xo