Saturday, December 15, 2012


My blog has been quiet, but my sewing machine has not! I finished up 2 quilts this week. Dilly dally
 #1 Pattern is Dilly Dally by Camille/Thimbleblossom.

Fabric is Kumari Garden by Dena Designs.

 #2 Pattern is Cartwheels by Lee/Freshly Pieced. Paper-pieced but not scary (promise!). There's a row hanging over the railing, so it's a little longer than it looks.

  cartwheels close
Fabric is Willow by Riley Blake.

 Short and sweet! Back to my elf duties.


Heather D. said...

Woohoo! Good for you Katie. They both look great.

Toni said...

They are both so pretty, Katie!

Marla said...

You are about to make at least two people very happy campers.

Megan said...

Awesome job! It always feels so great to finish a project, but 2 in one week? You must be over the moon. I've got my eye on the dilly dally pattern for later. You chose such cute fabrics for it!

Lee said...

Beautiful finishes! Love love love your Cartwheels! : )

Kristie said...

Very pretty. Nice soft colors. Go, Elf, go!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

wow lady! so pretty! awesome Christmas gifts!

Debbie said...

wow! 2 quilts! Both are lovely!

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Wendy said...

such beautiful quilts! The patterns and the fabrics are lovely

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**nicke... said...

lovely lovely lovely!!! great finishes!