Wednesday, December 5, 2012

WIP Wednesday (T-20 days and counting)

I was at the library last night, and they had a big countdown clock that said "21 Days Until Christmas!" I got a little sick feeling, so I figured a WIP post was in order. Will this make me feel better or worse? Hard to say. I do have some un-blog-ables this time of year, so this list is only a partial representation.
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Okay, these were finished two weeks ago, but I'm including them to make myself feel better!
Scrappy sprout for Traceyjayquilts. To the post office!
Block for Tracey

Bee block for @freshlypieced
Block for Lee

  Modern Maples runner
Modern Maples table runner

In progress

Bind Cartwheels and Dilly Dally
Big progress here on my biggest pre-Christmas project! Two quilts, just waiting for binding.

Christmas stockings
Just need to make the cuffs for these. Should be quick.

Spiderman quilt
I'll begin this project as soon as my Spidey sense starts tingling.

Assorted other teacher/co-worker gifts
I'm thinking maybe something in the pouch family? I'd love suggestions.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Postage Stamp quilt
(I'd LOVE to finish this before Christmas. Maybe??)
Arcadia Quilt

To do:
Half Moon Modern quilt borders
Tracey's French Kisses

Head to Lee's to see what everyone else is working on!


Kelsey said...

So many pretty things! love the striped bindings you're using ;)

Robin said...

Did you see The Pink Chalk coin purse/key holder? That would be a great teacher gift. Or Mother gift.

Love the table runner. And the quilts. Good luck finding your spidey sense, hope it's sooner rather then later.

Kristie said...

You go girl! Good luck with those Spidey senses :)

Sarah Craig said...

OMG, I could have done without the countdown! I'm franticly trying to finish up three more quilts, two wall hangings, a nightgown, and a messenger bag! Your stuff all looks lovely and it looks like you've got a handle on getting it all done.....

Debbie said...

yeah, I feel your pain! Love those maples though!!

Marla said...

Spidey sense hehe. Are we already over Batman?

kat129 said...

Movin and a' shakin! I am making some of those cute little metal frame pouches that i have seen around. I was looking for a tutorial for you but haven;t found one yet. Or you can check out the options in that fun pouch hop going on now that you did a pouch for... btw I really really like that maple table runner.