Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Looking forward (and a look back)

I admit--I'm suffering from a bit of post-holiday sewing burnout. My lovely machine has been giving me come-hither looks from the corner of the room, but I've been too busy curling up on the couch watching football or Scandal...or playing Skylanders with the boy...or building Legos...or napping (okay, mostly napping) to give it any attention.

BUT. My hibernation ends soon. And to kick off 2013, I want to wrap up some WIPs. I present to you, my list. I'm linking up to Lee at Freshly Pieced.

 WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced  

Hexagon Park

  My hexagon park quilt top has been hanging on the back of my sewing chair awaiting further attention for more than 6 months. Oh, the shame!
 I love this quilt top. I got it to this point in JUNE, and it has been waiting for some borders since then. I have everything I need to finish this quilt. This one is at the top of my 2013 to-do list.  

Bella Patchwork
  Bella Patchwork in Arcadia!
A finished quilt top, just in need of backing! I want to back this one in minky fabric.  

Hideaway Swoon
  Swoon #3
Dang it, I love this quilt! I think I have 3 blocks finished. I need to get over my HST burnout and get back to work on this one.

do. Good Stitches quilt My do good stitches pick for November. Date night quilt from Moda bake shop

I've received all of the blocks from my DGS circle. Should be a quick finish.

Feathers quilt

My precious. I'm so glad I picked this one for my bee friends to help me with! I think I'm waiting for one more block to arrive, and then this is mine. All mine.

Other to-dos:
Baby quilts
January do. Good Stitches Blocks
January That Stash Bee Blocks

And, now, for a look back at my 2012 quilt finishes.

My 2012 quilt finishes.
So I made 26 quilts in 2012. I realize that's insane. Know what's crazy? I made 26 in 2011 too. This year, I'm proud to say that of those 26, 11 were given away as gifts, 5 were donated to charities, and 7 were sold. For 2013, I'd like to slow down and focus on improving my skills, finish up my WIPs, and make a quilt for our bed and our guest bed. And also read more, do a better job of cleaning my house, cook healthy dinners for my family...Okay, clearly I'm getting carried away.

Happy 2013! Hope it's a great one.

Tomorrow, I sew.


Debbie said...

oh I look forward to seeing those wips come along, *especially* that Swoon!! What a beautiful & impressive mosaic of finished quilts - really lovely!

Sarah said...

I love your quilts Katie! Your mosaic is very impressive. My favourite is the chevron quilt. So you got superwoman powers for Christmas then? To be able to keep all those resolutions, lol? Yeah I'd like to be all those things and do all things too, but I gave up trying when it took away from me enjoying where I'm at. I'd just like more time in a day ...

Emily said...

Good luck with your WIP's! Every time I see your feather blocks I think of making myself one of those quilts! :) Someday! :)

Toni said...

26 quilts. Really? Have you done the math on that, Katie? Insane! No wonder you've been napping! Seriously, they are all great quilts and I am beyond impressed with your productivity. Can't wait to see what you do in 2013!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

I totally understand the post-holiday burnout, I think I'm suffering from a bit of that myself! And wowza, 26 quilts?? They're all gorgeous, and I can't wait to see you start finishing up those wip quilts, especially the Hexagon Park one, I just adore Half Moon Modern :)

Jenny Wren said...

Truly beautiful finishes for 2012 - may this year be more than you dream!

Marla said...

I like seeing all the hidden patterns in the bella quilt top. Very cool. I think your goal this year should be to use up that roll of batting you won :)

Lee said...

You've got 26 gorgeous quilts there! Can't wait to see those WIPs come together in 2013 - thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday! : )

Sabrina said...

You have so much AWESOME going on in one post that I don't even know what to talk about! I am so excited to read about your progress over the year!

Leah said...

I'm happy to see this post. I've been taking a lot of naps this week myself and haven't been very productive. I'm glad I'm not the only one. And yay! Scandal!

felicity said...

Rock star. Seriously - 26 quilts two years in a row?

I'm burned out on holidays, period. Being home and constantly needing to be "on" for G completely sapped my mojo.

Karen@littlebirdiequilting said...

The Feathers blocks will make a beautiful quilt. Lovely work.

LT said...

The colors you have going in your feathers quilt look so luxurious and enveloping. Can't wait to see that finished. Also looking forward to hearing how you do on your other goals for the year. Just remember that it's usually easier and more likely to succeed if you pick one goal and focus and plan for it than a bunch. After all change takes time and doesn't need to happen all at once! Good luck though! Thanks as always for sharing your creations and creativity with us!

Kristie said...

Whooo, Nelly! Stop short of cleaning your house, eh? Let's not get crazy. Twenty six quilts is surely impressive. And gorgeous ones at that. Have not had a chance to really look back at my 2012 yet, but I am lucky if I made half of that! Three cheers for productivity, but I agree, there is something to be said for balance, and doing other things is okay, too.

Quilt it up, Bitches! ;)
xo K

kat129 said...

Dayum gurl!!!! Quilting Wonder Woman is your new name! Maybe I can mooch some quilty sew-jo from you just by being in the same town... hope you meet all your goals this year! Are there any specific techniques you are looking to learn/improve?

**nicke... said...

i love those feathers so much!!! i think indie and field study are a match made in heaven!!! love it so much! i am so impressed with your 26 quilts made the last two years! that is amazing katie! i need to take a hint from your book and get my ass in gear! ;) xoxo