Monday, June 13, 2011

Quilt backs!

Rebecca at Chasing Cottons is hosting a link up of quilt backs. I've seen posts by Angela, Lee, and Kati, so I figured I'd join the fun!

I love coming up with an idea for a quilt back (wrestling with the larger pieces of fabric...not so much). I've made quilts with just one fabric on the back, but I prefer a pieced back because it allows me to use up scraps and it's often more fun! When I make a pieced quilt back, I have two goals: 1. Try to somehow reference the front of the quilt and 2. Spend no money. Sometimes I'm more successful than others!

Here are some (okay, maybe all...) of my pieced quilt backs!

Sanctuary Slices back

Supernova back
Supernova back

do. Good Stitches Back
Modern Sliced Scrappy back

Dirtbike back
Dirt bike back

Colorbrick Back
Colorbrick back

All Star back
Finn's quilt back

Hope Valley Pinwheel Quilt Back
Pinwheel back

Scruffily back

Simple Abundance back

Arcadia back
Arcadia back. Saved my favorite for last. I used up my stray honey bun strips for this one. I get a little misty every time I see Arcadia...

P.S. When I was looking back through my old blog posts, I was surprised to find out that I used to, like, read and cook and stuff! So weird. I was also a little surprised (and somewhat concerned) to find out that I've finished 13 quilts this year. My name is Katie, and I'm a quiltaholic...


Inspiredbyfelix said...

All gorgeous, I'm with you on the Arcadia back, it's lovely, but I also think the BIG F is just brilliant!

Kati said...

I do love the Arcadia one the best. It's fabulous. I understand being a quiltaholic as well. I keep thinking I need to just sit down and read a book once in a while again. I know I sew too much.

Canadian Abroad said...

I love some of your quilt backs more than some of my quilt fronts! Love the big 'F'!

Kirsten said...

One of my sons is named "Flynn" so I will have to do the big "F" on the back of his quilt if he ever decides what he wants:) Love the colourbrick one too!

felicity said...

Join the QA club! :) I, too, am partial to the "F". No reason in particular; it just spoke to me.

Carolyn said...

Love all the quilt backs and the fact that they are all so different! I have the same goals as you when I'm making a quilt back but I'm certainly not as creative as you when coming up wtih them! They look fantastic!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I love pieced backs. Most of my quilts have pieced backs. They are way more fun than plain backs. Being a quiltaholic isn't sew bad, is it??? I surely hope not!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I like these mucho.
I finally started reading again when I got pregnant... otherwise, it was all fabric. :)

Anonymous said...

Dang, you are a prolific quilter! --Marilyn

Lee said...

Love 'em all. Especially the Arcadia one. These quilt back posts are so much fun!

audreypawdrey said...

Love all the backs! The Arcadia one is my favorite, too, and 13 finished this year is awesome! I am so impressed.:)

Keith Burrill said...

I like these mucho. I finally started reading again when I got pregnant... otherwise, it was all fabric. :)