Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Hallmark

Can you please ease up on running this commercial?

You're turning me into one of those people who gets choked up watching Hallmark commercials.


Natalie said...

Wow. Hallmark. You achieved the impossible. Impressive.

Natalie said...

Just kidding. You KNOW that commercial chokes me up. But, seriously? What doesn't choke me up?

Robin said...

Ha! I feel vindicated.

Because you have spent a lifetime making fun of me for crying during Hallmark commercials. And now, you are turning into your MOTHER!

Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Welcome to the club, Katie. I've ALWAYS been one of "those people." I can get all teary just thinking about a sappy commercial! --Marilyn

Leah said...

I was all, whatever. But that's because I'm mean and I don't like people and I shouldn't have kids. (I jest. I'm sure I'll feel differently once I have kids.)

Anonymous said...

I'm with my sister. I also cry (which means I am confessing that I watch) movies on the Hallmark Channel. Take that Katie! Aunt T

mary said...

Can I just say a few things about that commercial? I love most Hall Mark commercials but not this one.
.1) The card only reinforces her anxiety.
.2) The kid already knows that her mother loves her, cares about her and that isn't the issue here.
.3) She should be meeting new friends on the bus, not reading a card from her mother.
Those kind of mothers spend too much time living through their children. Thanks Mom for not being that kind of Mother. Mary