Friday, August 21, 2009

Chickummyjig 2: Rise of Chickummyjig

Remember the Chickummyjig I made for Luke? Well, Steph said she had just the place for one in her kitchen, so when it came time for her birthday, I had just the gift in mind. {In case you forgot, the free Chickummyjig pattern is available from Myrtle & Eunice.}

I like the flowery legs.

I was a little concerned that she'd think I was a weirdo for giving her a handmade stuffed animal, so I counteracted the weirdness with this hand-embroidered monogram. Don't worry. I haven't adopted another hobby. Rather, I ordered this from Says You's Etsy shop. Her monograms are customizable--you can choose everything from the font to the thread color to the color of the hoop.

Happy birthday, Steph!


Leah said...

These are great gifts. But what's even more awesome is the headline.

Tania said...

Ah, excellent. I love it when Chickummyjigs are let loose into the world!

Robin said...

chickummyjig 2 is adorable. Stephanie is gonna live her.

Happy Birthday, Steph.

Stephanie said...


I was THRILLED about Chickummyjig 2!!!! She (that's right, she) is already in my kitchen! Woot. And the monogram is going to look awesome above my bed with all the plates!!

You're the best! :)