Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can't we all just get along?

Have you noticed that there are feuds aplenty in the entertainment world these days? Some of them are downright comical. My personal faves:

Maybe if I time-warped back to a time when people cared about Eminem. Or Mariah. And Nick Cannon? In way over his head with these two.

Actually, I'd like to see these guys mend fences so Seth Rogen could make a cameo on one of my favorite shows.

Ah ha ha ha. See? It's funny, cause they're both short. And if Chris Kattan is feuding with anyone it should probably be the customer he's currently ringing up at the Orange County Ikea.

Now, this does sound serious. But I guess if  you have to feud with a whole state, Alaska is your best choice. You're not likely to stumble upon Alaska on your way to...well, any where. (Wait, is Alaska going to have beef with me now too???)


Natalie said...

I was unaware of all of those feuds. Thanks for keeping me up to date. Does Kris Kattan really work at Ikea, or are you just being your usual, witty self?