Monday, December 22, 2008

How cold is it?

I'm so glad we're in Indiana to experience the coldest weather in a decade. How cold is it? It's so cold that I left a tub of baby wipes in the car, and when I went back out to get them they were frozen solid. It's so cold that when someone opens the front door it looks like they walked out of a deep freezer. It's so cold that I wish I could drive back to Alabama and call my relatives to brag about how NOT cold it is.

Shiver. Tune in tomorrow to learn how I feel about snow.


Leah said...

Did you take that picture? Reminds me of an ice storm Huntsville had for a week when I was 7. Each blade of grass had 2 inches of ice on it.

It's cold here too. I had to start wearing long sleeves again.

Stephanie said...

Yeah, it's not really comparable, but if you were down here, you'd still be cold. Tonight I had to wear long pants, tall socks, a tank top, a long-sleeved shirt, and a heavy fleece jacket + scarf just to run a few errands and it was NOT enough clothing. There's patches of ice on the ground. I mean, I'm just sayin'. That's COLD for wussy Southern folk.

Wahh, wahh. If it's going to be this cold in Alabama, there had better be snow.

Robin said...

it's un-brrrrr-able.

I stole that from the headlines of our newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I hate this weather. Aunt T

Natalie said...

Yeah did you take that picture? Cause it's awesome.