Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finally! A cup we like.

I've been on a quest to find a cup for my toddler. We could never find a sippy cup that he'd drink out of. Personally, I think that the manufacturers try so hard to make a cup that doesn't spill that they're too hard to drink out of. He used a straw cup for a while, but lately he's just been taking out the straw and dumping out the drink. Anyway, I knew he was getting too old for the bottle, and I was afraid people would start making fun of him the way they do Suri Cruise. Finally I found the Nuby No-Spill Sports Sipper (about $6 for a pack of 2). It's really more like a sport bottle than a sippy cup, and Luke really likes it. Best part: It doesn't spill. Everyone is happy. I need to get more next time I'm at Target.


Stephanie said...

Your toddler? Sniff.

It doesn't spill, though, you're right. Otherwise I'd be soaked in milk, and I'm not :)

Natalie said...

"Suck it" might be more appropriate for this post, no?