Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Karma

Last weekend was Stephanie's annual ornament swap. It's one of my favorite holiday activities, and this year didn't disappoint. You see, everyone brings an ornament, and we play Dirty Santa. It's always fun to see your normally mild-mannered friends turn cutthroat in the spirit of the season (wait, maybe that's just me). After stealing a great ornament and having it stolen from me, I set my sights on a cute little orange owl bell. Perfect. It would look so cute on my desk by my framed owl print.

So, with great braggadocio, I stole it from my friend Amanda, despite her "I just lost my job!" sob story. Spare me. I know the rules of Dirty Santa, and there is no pity clause! I was the second one to steal my dear owl, so he was going home with me. Score. Amanda warned me: "You better be careful of that owl! You have some bad Karma on your hands after stealing it from me!" Whatever. I headed home, very pleased that I was leaving with the best ornament of the bunch.

I pranced in the front door, ready to show off my spoils, when the little fellow somehow tumbled out of the box and onto the tile floor, where he broke into a million pieces. Curses.

So what did I do? Did I sit around moping and feeling sorry for myself? Well, yes, but that passed, and I decided to take matters into my own hands. I headed out to Urban Outfitters to find a replacement owl. Guess what? There was one of his kind left, and he was on sale. Heh.

Suck it, Karma.

My new owl and his friend (on sale, remember?) will be residing on my desk, year-round.


Anonymous said...

This is your friend, Amanda... you know, with the whole "I lost my job" sob story. Imagine my surprise to click on your blog from Stephanie's blog (for the very first time, btw) and find a story about how you ripped the owl from my unemployed hands.

So, it fell? Broke into a million pieces? Kind of like my heart, maybe?

In all seriousness, I'm feeling a little freaked out by all of these coincidences. Even a little more freaked that you are choosing to challenge the karma by buying TWO ornaments and CHOOSING to place them on your desk at SOUTHERN PROGRESS CORPORATION. Think about it. :)

I think just to be safe, I'm going to check in on this blog more often. I feel strangely connected.

P.S. Was Urban Outfitters hiring?


Courtney said...

I love those ornaments! And I love your owl print that you bought. It inspired me to join that website that has the homemade goodies!

Natalie said...

I see the true spirit of Christmas hasn't escaped you. Mom must be so proud.

Stephanie said...

Hey, I've worked long and hard (8 years!) to make that swap a nasty little holiday tradition!

I must admit, Bowlby, I was at The Summit that afternoon, and I was so sad for you that I almost bought you another owl ornament. But then I had to rush over to Wrapsody before they closed.

Okay, yeah, this post is hilarious.

Leah said...

I sure didn't expect you to say "Suck it, karma" at the end of this post. It cracked me up. I like the blue owl too.

Katie B said...

Amanda: You frighten me. Perhaps you can launch a new career as a voodoo priestess.

Stephanie said...

Omg, a Amanda would make the perfect Voodoo Priestess!!

Robin said...

Helllloooo!! In the whole spirit of Christmas thing, you started off with one, which was hexed, ended up with two and still have a poor unemployed girlfriend who only wants one thing for Christmas AND YOU HAVE TWO!

give her the extra owl. please. or I will have to go out and buy her one myself.

and never never ever give the finger to Karma. Karma never forgets.

signed, your perturbed Mother

Anonymous said...

That last post ROCKED.

I'm STILL unemployed.

And STILL without the owl.

That's all I'm saying.

Love to you and your family,
sniff sniff