Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Day 2 of being home sick: Temptation to buy products from infomercials sets in

Sorry, I had to get rid of that video. That guy's yelling was driving me bonkers.

To see what I'm talking about click here to go to Mighty Mendit's Web site.

Is it the dehydration, or does this look awesome? It withstands storm-force winds, people!


Stephanie said...

Did you already go buy it and now you've been home sniffing it? Just a little?

Anonymous said...

I saw that and thought to my non-seamstress self: That looks like it could actually be handy...if it doesn't bleed thru the fabric and I could manage to get a hem straight in the first place!

I hope you feel better:)

Anonymous said...

Who's the idiot who said, "Sure! I'll jump out of the plane with a repaired parachute!"? And somebody tell my hubby that I want one of those dazzled-up hats with my name on it for Christmas. --Marilyn

Leah said...

My step-mom's back was out one Christmas and she bought a LOT of stuff from the Home Shopping Network. It bordered a little on the obsessive side.

Leah said...

I just watched the video. I think I need some Mendit too.