Friday, March 30, 2012

Sugary sweet.

I finished up my Flower Sugar baby quilt and dashed outside to take some pictures in front of my neighbors' beautiful azaleas before it started raining (and before my neighbors got home from work to find the weird quilty lady from next door prowling in their yard...and rearranging their lawn furniture). Of course, it would've been more appropriate if I had a blooming rosebush as my backdrop, but alas, I had to make do with what I what my neighbors had.

Flower sugar baby quilt
I had some squares of the Flower Sugar fabric left after making this quilt, and sewed them together for a simple patchwork baby quilt.

I used some of Anna Maria Horner's premade binding again. Not the last time you'll be seeing this.

Flower Sugar back
I had just enough of this yellow print left for the back.

This is a small baby quilt (about 28x35), but I'm glad to put the last of this fabric to use!

I'm linking up to Slash the Stash!


Megan said...

Looks great, Katie! :)

Toni said...

So pretty! And I absolutely love that you hijacked your neighbor's yard for a photoshoot!

Heather D. said...

Very nice Katie! My neighbours have nicer plants than I do as well. ;-)

barb's creations said...

Gorgeous quilt,just love the flower sugar range of fabrics :) Barb.

Sarah Craig said...

Really pretty, Katie!!

Debbie said...

Very nice! Bright & cheery!

**nicke... said...

i really love this quilt so much katie! it is go bright and girly. love it!

LisaAnn said...

I so love this quilt, Katie! It is perfect :)

Kati said...

This is such a pretty quilt. I love that you borrowed your neighbor's yard for pictures!