Sunday, December 19, 2010

Chubby stars

Here's my quilt from Tracey's Chubby Stars Quilt-Along.

My picture-taking fence is getting a workout! The fabric is a Flower Sugar 2 and a little red pindot.

I was worried about washing this. But I threw in a few Shout Color-Catchers and held my breath. No problems!

I used a print from Flower Sugar for the back.

Probably my last finish of 2010!


traceyjay said...

so pretty! :) so so pretty!

I got too busy making gifts to finish mine this year... I feel bad because I didn't post any finishing directions!

Regina said...

It's gorgeous! Great job!

Leah said...

I think this may be my new favorite! I love the tiny little squares in it.

Robin said...

I can't ever pick a favorite. I fall in love with each one....this one is no exception.

Manda said...


Claire said...

LOVE IT!!! you did a great job!!

Sarah Craig said...

That is beautiful!! And don't you just love Color Catchers???

Molly said...

Oh, this is gorgeous! Great job, and I love the fabrics you chose! :)