Sunday, January 1, 2012

Scrappy New Year!

Hope you're having a great start to 2012! We rang in the New Year with football, basketball (go Hoosiers!), and more football before falling asleep on the couch while watching Rise of the Planet of the Apes. That's right, things got pretty crazy up in here.

Scrappy Triangles for do. Good Stitches
I technically finished this quilt before midnight, but as I didn't pull it out of the dryer until 1/1, I'm counting it as the first finish of 2012. Big thanks to the ladies of the Peace Circle of do. Good Stitches for putting these blocks together. I gave them this for color inspiration (from Design Seeds):

Bloom Tones from Design Seeds
And the Scrappy Triangles tutorial from Ashley/Film in the Fridge. This is a fun block and a great way to bust through some scraps! The Peace Circle sends quilts to My Very Own Blanket (an organization that provides quilts for children in foster care), and I thought this combination would make a sophisticated quilt for an older girl.

Scrappy Triangles top
The quilt top came out a little small and squarish, so I added some strips to the top and bottom. I think these strips add to the preppy vibe of the quilt.

Scrappy triangles
I'm a big fan of Megan's wavy organic quilting, so I gave it a try on this quilt (she gives instructions here). I admit I struggled with this a little at first--I was worried that my lines might not look organic enough and instead would just look like I can't sew in a straight line (insecurities, anyone?). I kind of exaggerated the waves, and I LOVE the finished look! I think it goes nicely with the nautical feel of this quilt.

Scrappy Triangles back
For the back, I used this zinnia print from the Flights of Fancy line by Paula Prass that I had been hoarding saving for the right project. I added the pink and green prints from Mod Green Pod by Nancy Mims and the awesome gray print from Wildwood by Erin McMorris to make it big enough.

Scrappy Triangles binding
I used Kona Grass for the binding, and I gave Rachel's Zig-Zag Binding Tutorial a try for the first time. There are a few rough spots, but overall I'm happy with it!

Scrappy Triangles. One more:)
Big thanks to my Peace Circle friends for helping with this quilt!

Scrappy Triangles/do. Good Stitches 2
I can't wait to send it off to its new home.


Naomi said...

Looks beautiful! I love the wavy quilting! Great job!

Victoria Paige @ Boutique Uniquely said...

I love that zinnia print. What a great quilt. Love it!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

very pretty! Good job on your first finish! :)

LisaAnn said...

I love the quilting! Very nicely finished, Katie!

Heather D. said...

Love this. Such a fun design.

Debbie said...

What a unique & fun pattern. It looks great!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

gorgeous! this turned out beautifully! I love seeing what everyone creates for do.good, it's amazing how the collaborations come together.

Jules said...

gorgeous quilt, i love the palette. the colours are right up my ally.

felicity said...

Love love love it!! What a beautiful finish to kick off the year. The quilting turned out marvelously. Hooray for a finish!!! And happy new year! We managed to stay up until midnight and got treated to the terrifying spectacle that is/was Dick Clark. That's something I can't unsee.

Tanya said...

I loved Ashley's quilt, and I love your version, too! Great Job, and great cause!

Tanya said...

I loved Ashley's quilt, and I love your version, too! Great Job, and great cause!

Julie said...

So beautiful, front and back!