Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Snap judgment: New fall shows I won't be watching

Maybe I'm being overly critical, but I've decided I'm not even giving these new fall shows a chance, even before the first reviews are written or the first episode airs.


The Good Wife: The Good Wife is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who must assume full responsibility for her family and re-enter the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail.
Katie says...I like Julianna Margulies, but I already saw this show, when it was called THE NEWS.

Three RiversThree Rivers is a medical drama that goes inside the emotionally complex lives of organ donors—
Katie says...I'm going to stop you right there, CBS. Could you not come up with a MORE depressing show? No, thanks.


Trauma: Like an adrenaline shot to the heart, Trauma is an intense, action-packed look at one of the most dangerous medical professions in the world: first responder paramedics.
Katie says...I'll pass on the adrenaline shot to the heart. Plus, Trauma is a terrible name for a show! I think I'll settle in this evening with a mug of tea, my latest knitting project, and a new episode of Trauma.

Mercy: You haven't seen inside a hospital until you've seen it through the eyes of those who know it best: its nurses
Katie says...I realize NBC is trying to fill the void left by ER, but another medical drama? Pass.

Fox has very few new shows planned, aside from Glee, and you know how I feel about that. (Cue "Don't Stop Believin'.")

Hank: Sometimes scaling back is the best way to get ahead. Wall Street legend Hank Pryor (Kelsey Grammer) and his wife Tilly have been living the high life in New York City. That is until Hank is forced out of his CEO job and has to move his family back home to the small town of River Bend.
Katie says...I don't believe the world needs another Kelsey Grammer sitcom. 

The Deep End: Sterling Law is one of L.A.'s most prestigious law firms. Each year it recruits four new young lawyers from the finest law schools worldwide. It will nurture, guide and shape these recruits into the best damned lawyers they can possibly be -- or else.
Katie says...I admit, the synopsis made me laugh. But I'm pretty sure that wasn't ABC's intention. 

Flash Forward: A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds, and each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now. When they wake up, everyone is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen.
Katie says...This show is being described as "a companion show to Lost." I have a hard enough time keeping up with Lost, much less a companion show!

V: Today, the world woke up to find spaceships over every major city. The Visitors claim to have come in peace, bringing gifts of medical miracles and technological breakthroughs. They promise to do no harm. They're lying.
Katie says...I read something that called V "Grey's Anatomy in space." And that's all I need to know.

That's all I have for now.  I really didn't find many new shows that I'm excited about, aside from the aforementioned Glee. I'll probably give Cougar Town a try. Maybe Community and Eastwick

Any new fall shows that you're planning on loving/hating? Check out the Fall TV Preview Guide on It's practically August, people!


Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

I will be joining you in NOT watching most of these shows. But I'm too intrigued by Flash Forward to commit to abstaining. And I was a huge fan of V the miniseries (and the later short-lived show) as a child. So I'll be checking that out for the sake of nostalgia. -Marilyn

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it is August and almost the start of TV season. I am not ready for the commitment of TV yet. I tried Nurse Jackie. There were elements in that show that I really liked but not the drug addict nurse. My real dream would be if the TV people could get Phil and Paul( Tour de France announcers) to announce Monday night football. mm

Natalie said...

I do not watch shows about aliens, outer space or the supernatural. I also do not want to watch any new (or old) medical show that involves children being sick (hear that Grey's Anatomy? Private Practice got dropped off of my schedule for that and if the season finale of Greys wasn't so good, they'd be dropped too). I do not like Julianna M. OR Kelsey Grammar. I will probably watch The Deep End with complete understanding that ABC is trying to replace Boston Legal, which is impossible. I'm crushed that Life is not being renewed, although, since Rob and I are the only people I know who watched... I'm not entirely surprised. My hopes are too high for Glee. It can't possibly be as awesome as I'm expecting it to be.

Stephanie said...

I'll be watching The Good Wife because I am obsessed with Matt Czuchry and he's in this one. Otherwise, Glee and maybe Eastwick. And my standard GG reruns.

Stephanie said...

P.S. Excellent post format. I like "Katie says…"

Leah said...

When are you going to get a gig writing for EW? Because your comments are witty. I've been laughing out loud.