Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More Etsy

My interest in Etsy is quickly becoming an obsession. I've made a few purchases lately, and I'll share those with you when they arrive.

The only problem with the site is the overwhelming number of options. It's great if you're looking for something specific. But if, for example, you're looking for a blue necklace, you can search for "blue necklace" and come up with 34,456 items. Hard to filter through all of that.

Enter the Pounce function (go to, click on "Buy," then click on "Pounce"). Here you can click through the most recent purchases people have made. It's basically like randomly browsing through the site. You might see a necklace you like or a really great handbag. Then you can go to that artist's store and look around. I justify my use of this by saying it's more efficient, but really it's an incredible time-waster.

If you "Pounce" often enough, which I do, you can notice some trends, like an artist who sells a lot of prints, or someone who has popular scarves. Some of the trends are a bit more disturbing.

Case in point: Bloomers. You know, pantaloons. Recommended for use in re-enactments, Renaissance fairs, or just to wear around the house. Everytime I pounce someone has bought a pair of bloomers, and for some reason, they're always selling in plus sizes. We should all quit our jobs and start selling bloomers, because evidently they're in high demand.

[brace yourselves] Cloth menstrual pads. Now, come on. I'd like to preserve the environment too, but shouldn't some things just be DISPOSABLE? DAH! They do come in some very cute patterns and fabrics though. STILL WRONG.


Natalie said...

Maybe you could get a MONOGRAMMED disposable maxi pad!!! Hahahahaha! That's seriously disgusting. I had to make a joke so I could avoid gagging.

Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

Oh my. I could be a 21st-century Laura Ingalls Wilder. Where's my credit card?! --Marilyn

Stephanie said...

Wow. Those are the two *wrongest* things I've ever seen. I cannot imagine anything more disgusting than cloth menstrual pads. And, I'm sorry that I have to go here, but, uh, how would you ever get those clean?

Katie B said...

Allegedly you just throw them in the washing machine. Wait, is this really what people did in the olden days?

Anonymous said...

That is gross. Aunt T

Robin said...

you might be able to wash them, but you couldn't get them clean.

I just read an article about a lady who went "paperless" in her home. she used cloth pads.

sometimes, you just have to embrace modern technology.

Jen said...

i wonder how long that pretty little pattern will be pretty! I just got onto your blog. You auctioned for something on my site when I was doing the Nie auction. I am loving all your insights!

Leah said...

In the olden days, they washed them BY HAND. ICK!!!

I have a party hat to show you that I bought on Etsy. My goal was to figure out how she made it so I could make my own. Of course that hasn't happened yet.