Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you Etsy?

You know about Etsy, right? It's an online marketplace described as "your online place to buy & sell all things handmade." I recently ordered some Christmas gifts for my co-workers and this growth chart for my son. I have my eye on many more items. Check it out. Have your credit card handy. It's seriously addictive.


Natalie said...


Natalie said...

Do you take requests? Because I want to know what a truffle is. I thought it was a mushroom, but I just got a candy catalog from Bo's school that sells truffles that are chocolate, and I don't think they're the same thing.

Katie B said...

Nat: Truffle is a homonym. Here are the two definitions according to Merriam Webster.

1 a: the dark or light edible subterranean fruiting body of several European ascomycetous fungi (especially genus Tuber)

2: a candy made of chocolate, butter, sugar, and sometimes liqueur shaped into balls and often coated with cocoa