Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Breaking up is hard to do

It's not you, it's me. Check that, Heroes. It's all you, and I just deleted my season pass.

Other shows on the chopping block:
  • My Name Is Earl
  • The Shield
  • CSI
  • Did I mention My Name is Earl?


Natalie said...

I know. Earl is on my chopping block too. If I don't love you, you ain't stickin around.

Robin said...

I hope Earl is good, I am going to have a hard time deleting him. Since he so often reminds me of your Father

Robin said...

Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy are on my chopping block

Stephanie said...

I gave up on Grey's last season (or the one before?) because it was interfering with other programming. Same with Ugly Betty, although I miss it. Never got sucked in to Heroes...did it get bad? It was on last night, but it was freaking us out so we switched to Dancing With the Stars. That's right.

Katie B said...

I didn't watch Grey's last season. Heroes got bad. I gave it one last shot, but I couldn't even make it through the premiere.

Now that I have a vacancy, I'm going to try The Mentalist. It starts tonight.

P.S. I paused on Dancing With the Stars for a minute, and Luke loved it. He was mesmerized and clapped when they were finished dancing. I quickly changed the channel and put him in bed. Shudder.

Leah said...

I watched Heroes last night. It was confusing. I guess I don't blame you...that's what I did with Lost.

Anonymous said...

Dancing with the stars is the worst show on TV. Good for one thing...Eye Candy!

Anonymous said...

I still watch Ugly Betty, CSI and Earl. Pretty soon I will have nothing to watch. It will be just like last year with the writer's strike. I agree with you Rob on the dancing with the stars thing. CSI is on it's last leg. MM