Thursday, September 26, 2013

And then...she spray basted / Pow Wow finish

I'm not sure why I've been resistant to spray baste. I'm generally in favor of shortcuts, but I've been a little bit stodgy in sticking to my pins. I did try the spray once before without much luck. But after seeing my growing pile of quilt tops, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and see if I could figure this out.

I found lots of helpful tips online (like Kelly's video and Kristie's tutorial). It does seem that brand matters, and most quilters seem to prefer 505 spray. (I got mine here--I've heard it's the best price around.)

 two quilts
And, guess what? It worked. Within a weekend, I had two quilts basted, quilted, and awaiting hand-stitched binding. (Machine stitching the binding is one shortcut I haven't been able to take. I've tried, but I'm no good at it. And hand-stitching the binding is my favorite.) Will I stick with the spray? Hard to say. It's definitely a time-saver, but spraying all of those chemicals on a quilt bothers me a little. I bought several cans, so I'll be using the spray for a while!

One of my finishes was this (Boom Boom) Pow-Wow quilt. (Pow-Wow pattern from Cluck Cluck Sew.) It's a fun, dynamic quilt that's great for small-scale prints. Most of the prints are from the Boy Crazy line by Riley Blake.

The large-scale print from Boy Crazy is really fun, but it didn't work with the Pow-Wow pattern, so it ended up on the back!

And...all finished up! One note on this pattern: Allison's fabric requirements don't include much room for error. Allison says right there on the pattern to cut carefully because you'll need the full width of fabric, but I still made a cutting mistake (or two...) that caused me to rework my plan. (Just to be clear: The cutting instructions are perfect. I happen to be a dunce.) If you're prone to cutting mistakes, you might order a little extra fabric. :)


Marci Girl said...

I like you have been hesitant to try the spray basting, but after spending several hours on the floor this past weekend pin basting two quilts, I am seriously considering it now...I hurt the next day! LOL Your quilt turned out beautiful!

Live a Colorful Life said...

I changed my design wall from just a piece of flannel to something I can stick pins in--just so I can spray baste inside without having to do a lot of kneeling. I'll check out the two links you posted too.Cute quilts!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Yay for a happy spray basting experience! I love how your Pow Wow quilt turned out, those prints are so fun!

Heather D. said...

Hey, fantastic! Love it. I find that spray has its place but I don't use it all the time anymore. For small projects, for sure. For really big ones I find that with all of the handling of the quilt in the quilting process, the spray doesn't always hold well.

Dawn said...

I find the spray basting works well for placemats, table runners, wall hangings and smallish baby quilts. I have tried it on 2 separate larger quilts, one was 60" x 70" and the other was 75" x 75" and the spray basting did not hold up getting pushed and pulled thru the 11" arm of rof my Janome 7700. So I continue to pin baste the larger quilts.
Basting my quilts on the floor is no longer an option for this old lady with a bad back. I use my King size bed. My bedspread holds the backing and keeps it from slipping around and I can reach clear to the middle of the quilt to start my pinning. If the quilt is larger than my bed I still lay out all of the layers and if necessary I roll up one side so I can reach the center to begin pinning. It works like a charm!

Kristie said...

I am a total spray basting junkie. And, seeing as we have snow half the year, I do it with sealed up doors and windows, no ventilation whatsoever. And I'm still normal. Right??

(thanks for the shout out for the tutorial!)

Kelli said...

I love the design! I have spray basted but have had mixed results with it, so I usually pin. Maybe I should give it another shot because I have more quilt tops than one girl should admit too...

Sarah said...

I've recently converted to spray basting too. I love it! So much quicker and I haven't had any trouble with movement or puckering. I like 505 best too. It has very low fume smell I think. The can I used before was Birch brand and it stunk to high heaven. I was very reluctant to let my kids help with the smoothing and sticking of the layers when I used that brand.