Monday, March 7, 2011


My mom wanted some new twin-size quilts for her guest room, so she decided to give quilting a try. She got as far as piecing the the long strips of printed fabric before she decided quilting wasn't for her. So I stepped in to pick up where she left off.

The pattern is based off of the 12+2=Q pattern from Oh Fransson, but we adapted the pattern to make two twin quilts instead.

Here's twin #1. I started quilting this right after finishing my Sanctuary quilt, so I was a little bored with stippling. Plus, I thought the large expanses of solid colors could use something a little more interesting. For Twin #1 I decided to do loopy quilting.

I couldn't decide if the loopy quilting was a cool contrast to this modern design, or if it was just discordant. Luckily I had Twin #2 to try something different!

Here's #2.

For this one, I tried the robotic, boxy meandering stitch (tutorial from Oh Fransson here). It took me a long time to feel comfortable doing this! It feels very awkward. At first, I got caught up trying to make each angle 90 degrees (not gonna happen), and my stitch length is all over the place. Up close, it looks pretty wonky, but I like the overall effect.

The backs were both supposed to be Kona Coal, but I bogarted some of my mom's Coal to make my Sanctuary quilt. So I Frankensteined creatively pieced the back with some Kona Sage left over from the front. (What? She's my mom. She's obligated to love me anyway.)

My mom bought the printed fabrics as a custom bundle from Fabric Worm so I don't really know what any of them are, but I like them!

The solids are Kona Coal and Kona Sage (I think we've established that this is a great color but a bad name). The binding is dark brown.

I'm happy with they way these turned out, but after these and my Sanctuary quilt, I'm ready for something in a different color palette! And also smaller!

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CityHouseStudio said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the robotic quilting . . . very cool but looks tricky!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

These look great! I love that pattern,I just adapted it to king size.

Leslie said...

these are gorgeous. i really love the quilting you used on both.

Kristie said...

These look great. Funky quilting, girl!

Robin said...

They turned out beautiful. Can't wait to get them on the beds. Thank you!


Anne at Film and Thread said...

Those are really wonderful looking. I LOVE the colors!

Sara @ Sew Sweetness said...

Wonderful blue quilts, and I especially love how you quilted cool!!

KD-Quilts said...

Fabulous quilts! I love the quilting, especially the robotic one.

Carolyn said...

They are going to look so beautiful next to each other! And you are an awesome daughter for helping your mom out!

Leah said...

Well, I'm a little disappointed because I was expecting to see some twin babies. But these are nice too. I love that they're similar but not matchy-matchy.

Mary Jo said...

I like the loops a ton!! I need to learn how to do that. And stippling. All I can do is a straight (sort of) line. I think you did a great job with the different methods of quilting!

Lauren said...

So great! Love the colors.

My sister just recently made her first quilt, and it turned out really pretty!

After seeing how your's turned out, I may see if I can take up this hobby myself!

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