Sunday, March 29, 2009

Try this: Oreo Balls

We have a shower at work on Tuesday, and I'm bringing Oreo Balls. This is my friend Cindy's recipe; she is the queen of dipping things in white chocolate. Mine aren't as pretty as Cindy's, but they're still very tasty. You really can't go wrong with Oreos, cream cheese, and white chocolate.

Oreo Balls
1 (8-oz.) package cream cheese, softened
1 package Oreos, crushed
White chocolate squares, melted

1. Mix together cream cheese and Oreos until blended. Form into individual balls. Dip in white chocolate, and place on wax paper to allow chocolate to harden; chill.
{Note: I crushed the Oreos in my food processor, and then added the cream cheese and mixed it all together using the food processor. Easy.}


The Bakers said...

Mmm, Oreo balls. I don't miss work, but I miss work showers.

Leah said...

Anything with cream cheese is delicious. When I saw the headline of this post, I was like, "How many forms do Oreos come in?!"

Jen said...

Yum! I can't wait to eat them!

Leah said...

What I really love are Schweaty balls.

Katie B said...

Well played, Leah.

Anonymous said...

Sounds Yummy - how do you working girls have time for these gourmet tidbits? I think I'll try it for
an event in April.
If it weren't for my granddaughters, I'd still be stuck with 80's recipes.

PS - how much white chocolate?

Katie B said...

Grandma: I bought a 4-ounce bar of white chocolate and used all of it.