Saturday, March 7, 2009

Flashback Saturday*

*Yes, I ripped this off of Stephanie. I'm hoping she'll go for flattered instead of offended. While Luke was napping this afternoon, I folded clothes and watched Clueless. I forgot how much I liked this movie. It's time for Alicia Silverstone to make a comeback. She was supposed to be the next big thing after this movie, but she really didn't make it far beyond those Aerosmith videos.
It still creeps me out that she ends up hooking up with her stepbrother, but it is Paul Rudd, so I guess I can let that go. As Cher puts it: "He's kind of a Baldwin." (Wow, that comparison doesn't up 15 years later.) Paul Rudd, by the way, hasn't aged a day.
My favorite part: Cher gets in trouble after running a stop sign and says, "I totally paused!" I still plan on using that if I ever get pulled over. And also the soundtrack. The soundtrack is classic.


Stephanie said...

Very flattered. You're much more clever than me.

Dude. I would probably hook up with Paul Rudd if he was my cousin.

Natalie said...

Talk about flashbacks... we're watching the Karate Kid.

The Bakers said...

I LOVE this movie. And is he really your stepbrother if your dad was only married to his mom for a short time? Not if he's hot.
P.S. I almost posted this comment and then realized I was logged in as Ryan. I don't think Ryan thinks Paul Rudd is hot. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Leah said...

Once in college some friends of mine and a few professors had an Emma/Clueless movie night. One of my English professors commented how hot Paul Rudd is.