Saturday, October 11, 2008

Etsy gallery

I promised you a gallery of things I've bought on, so here it is. (Perhaps it's time to stage an intervention.) It may look like I'm driving my family into financial ruin, but all of these items are very inexpensive. I bought them over the course of several months, and they cost less than $100 total. Plus, it's nice to know my money is going to a real person instead of Wal-Mart or something. So don't you judge me! If you click on the picture, it should link you to the artist's Etsy store.

Mini snap wallet.

Tote bag.

Alphabet print for Luke, Owl print for my office.

Growth cart for Luke. Card for a friend.

Handpainted blocks for Luke.


Robin said...

cute stuff. love the tote bag and the mini wallet.
And you are right about supporting the local artist. It is much more satisfying.

Anonymous said...

Katie, I think I can speak for your Aunt Tammy as well, We don't judge you! Thanks for showing us your stuff. Aunt M.

Leah said...

I love all of these. I am the last person to judge spending money on crafts. I remember the first time Heinz added up all the money I spent on scrapbooking when I first started doing it—that was a sad day.

I especially love the prints.