Thursday, November 21, 2013

Super quilt: To the rescue!

 This quilt started with Ann Kelle's super-cute Super Kids print. I added to that some other coordinating and equally super prints, plus a blue solids. The pattern is Rows of Bricks from Julie Herman's book, Skip the Borders.

 I quilted it in a boxy stipple with blue thread on top and white on the back.

And...speaking of the back: More Super Kids, along with a panel and super hero words from Illustrated Ink by Robert Kaufman.




Heather D. said...

Cute! How'd you like quilting with a different top and bottom thread?? Did much show through? I guess the fabrics are busy enough that it would blend in, even if they did show.

felicity said...

Love it, Katie!

Debbie said...

wow! You are doing great! I confess I especially love the mirror dots pillow!!