Monday, October 7, 2013

Down on the farm

Of all the quilts I've made, I dare say this one might me the most loved by its recipient. John Deere quilt
 I used this tutorial from Moda Bake Shop. Just framed squares and 16 patches. (If you want to make this tutorial, read it all the way through. It's made for precuts, of course, and it makes way more squares than you need.)

John Deere fabrics from Wal-Mart (naturally), along with some other matching prints. I'm actually pleasantly surprised by how the Wal-Mart prints washed up. They're soft, and there was no bleeding. I did not prewash (!).

More tractors and excavators and such on the back. I used leftover strips from the 16 patches for binding.

Back soon with another finish! Kind of on a roll.


Heather D. said...

Go go go! You're definitely on a roll. Another fun finish!

Marci Girl said...

How cute, and yes, you are on a roll!

Robin said...

Yes, he is going to love it. Did I tell you he went to the orchard and wouldn't go on a tractor ride because they were Farmall tractors and not John Deere?

Mary said...

Glad to hear the fabric worked out for you...the matching prints look great! Can't wait to see the next finish, you worker bee you :)

Kristie said...

You are a wild child these days, don't you sleep???

Marla said...

A tractor roll. Damn I think your tractor quilt is sexy.

Toni said...

"and such"? Katie, are we going to have to have a farm equipment lesson? Seriously though, it looks great and I'm sure it will be very well loved!