Thursday, June 6, 2013


Luke caught me perusing some dino-themed fabrics at Fabricworm and started asking for a new quilt. As you can imagine, it took only minimal arm-twisting to convince me to make one for him.
 The pattern is Jack's Blocks from A Bright Corner on Etsy.
There are lots of cute dinosaur fabrics out there, but we went with these Kokka prints along with the Michael Miller Dinosaurs! text print, both from Fabricworm. They're not baby-ish, and I hope that extends his love for this quilt! The sashing is a grey sketch by Timeless Treasures.

The backing is a minky dino fabric (purchased here). I'm pretty sure I swore off minky the last time I used it to back a quilt, but my kid is a minky junkie, and it's dino minky! I was powerless to resist. This definitely worked out better than last time. On the last quilt, I used the double-sided minky fleece, which has a much higher nap. This cuddle-type of minky was easier to deal with. It was wide enough that I didn't need to piece the backing, so that helped a lot.

He's a fan! He started snuggling with it before I finished sewing on the binding, and he hasn't let it leave his sight since. I haven't even been able to wash it yet!


Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

With all those 'roads' on that quilt, I can see a few Matchbox cars getting 'chased' by dinosaurs. I still have the quilt my great grandmother made for my parents wedding, that my brother and I played Matchbox cars on. Sashing makes great roads. Cute quilt.

Heather D. said...

That's great! Love the grey sketch fabric, and I thought I noticed that the binding wasn't finished, even before I read your last sentence! haha

Marla said...

Dinotastic! Perfect for a growing kiddo.

felicity said...

Adorable!!! And a nice quilt to boot. :)

kat129 said...

yeah buddy!!! I bet he is beyond thrilled.

Toni said...

So fun! He looks pretty happy with it! Glad that the dinosaur minky was nicer to you than last time.

Leah said...

I love this pattern!

Debbie said...

oh how fun! Love that he loves it so!

Marci Girl said...

So sweet that your son asks for a new quilt, I love it and I know he will too!