Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I'm really excited for the long weekend! Memorial Day. Great weather. Pool opens. I'm hoping to get in some sewing time too.
 (P.S. Anyone else feeling a bit stymied by the new Flickr?)
 (P.P.S. I had to turn off anonymous comments. Things were getting too spammy around here.)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Map quilt
All done! More on this one soon.

 In progress

 Dino quilt
My creation
My son is a minky junkie, so I used the evil fabric to back his dinosaur quilt (despite my better judgment). I finished the quilting last night, honestly wasn't all that bad. We just need to pick out some binding fabric. This one should be done this weekend!

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Guitar quilt
Giraffe quilt

To do:
May do. Good Stitches Block
May That Stash Bee Block
Feathers Quilt
Half Moon Modern quilt borders
Baby Quilt

 Lee is taking the week off, but I'm sure there are lots of WIP posts to be found!


Marla said...

The one week I write my post on Tuesday instead of frantically on Wednesday morning and she takes the week off! I have some awesome dinosaur text fabric for the binding if you so desire it. The map quilt looks awesome. I really love the primary colors. The binding gets an A+ too.

Elizabeth Dackson said...

Stymied indeed! The new Flickr is infuriating, it took me a while to link up my pics this morning, argh. I'm hoping that the big stink everyone's making about it will make them revert back, or at least offer the ability to make it look the way it used to. Anyway! I'm impressed with your conquering of minky, it still wigs me out. I love the map quilt! Those bright colors are so fun :)

Ella said...

Hate the new flickr. Haven't written a post that needs pictures because of it. I love your quilts, however!

Lisa E said...

Flickr is awful. Why do companies always feel that they have to make changes?