Monday, June 18, 2012

Modern Medallion quilt in the works

Rachel's preview of her Modern Medallion quilt sold me on her Handstitched Class. I've completed the center Dogwood Blossom, and the next step is filling that white space with glorious embroidery (okay...I'll settle for halfway decent embroidery!). Dogwood Blossom for Handstitched Class
I began this quilt with the caveat that it would be made mostly from my stash, so I'm using up my bits of Good Folks fabric. Good Folks is definitely precious to me, so it makes sense to link up to Kelly's My Precious QAL!


Toni said...

I am loving this so far, Katie! Can't wait to see all that glorious embroidery!

**nicke... said...

very pretty katie! i can't wait to watch this grow! xo

Heather D. said...

Just beautiful! Now, it's hard to tell if this is one block of many to come, or if this is one huge block that will make up a quilt? Whatever it is, I love it and the colours are right up my alley.

Kirsten said...

So beautiful - love the good folks blossom!