Friday, April 27, 2012

Easy Going Modern (Football Style!)

A few months ago, I picked a name off of the Wrapped in Hope birthday list. Wrapped in Hope (a part of Margaret's Hope Chest) provides birthday quilts for children with a parent in prison.  I made the Dirtbike Quilt for a little boy last year, and this year I chose a 13-year-old boy who lists his interests as "football." Cool, because that's one of my interests too.

easygoing modern front
I wanted the quilt to be simple, masculine, and (most importantly) not lame. I landed quickly on the Easy Going Modern pattern by Felicity of Felicity Quilts. She developed the pattern for a workshop and is releasing it soon as a stand-alone pattern. I sweet-talked her into letting me try it early (Thanks, Felicity!). It's a great pattern. Felicity's directions are thorough and clear, and she gives some really helpful tips and tricks. The pattern would be great for a beginner or for a more experienced quilter looking for a quick project without having to do any quilty math. (Felicity's pattern is layer cake friendly too! Check out her gorgeous layer cake version here.)

easygoing modern close
Now, as football-loving person myself who lives in a place where football reigns supreme, I knew color choice was important. I wish I knew what team this boy cheers for, but that information wasn't available. I made an educated guess based on where he lives...and I'm hoping the red/white/black color scheme is acceptable. (Fingers crossed!) The fabrics are Kona White, Black, and Rich Red. I followed Felicity's lead and quilted in wavy lines.

easygoingmodern back
Now, the back is where you'll find the football bonanza. I found this Sports Life print by Robert Kaufman and thought it was the perfect backing.

easygoing binding
I went with a simple striped binding. (Play Ball Stripe Red)

easygoing modern back
I'm relieved to have this finished in time for this boy's birthday! Wrapped in Hope is a great cause. It looks like there are a few kids left on the list for 2012. Check it out if you can help!


Heather D. said...

The quilt is awesome!! And you lucky girl, sweet talking Felicity to let you use the pattern. I'm waiting for its release too!

felicity said...

Katie, this is so fabulous! It's pretty fun to see something you designed get made so beautifully by someone else. Thank you thank you!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

nice job! Looks great and is such a great gift. :)

Kirsten said...

Well my boys are 13 and would really love this as red/black and white are their soccer team colours - I am sure the boy you have made it for will think it is fabulous!

Toni said...

This is great, Katie! Totally not lame. I'm sure the recipient will love it. And what a great organization!

Debbie said...

Nicely done and good for you!

Linz said...

That is awesome!! Great work!

**nicke... said...

this is totally not lame at all! he is going to love it!! great work katie.