Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Little Pouch Swap...received!

After seeing all of the great pouches pop up in the last round of the Pretty Little Pouch swap, I knew I wouldn't miss the next round.

PLP swap received!
I was hoping for a boxy linen pouch that I could use to hold my spools of thread. I got my pouch from Lisa, and she definitely delivered!

PLP swap received!
She used Terrain, which I love, and included this little embroidered K. Perfect!! This was Lisa's first time making hexagons, if you can believe that. They look great!

PLP swap received!
Lisa sent along some spools of thread and some Terrain fabric--both of which I'll put to good use! She also included a little hexie template. It might convince me to finally jump on the hexie bandwagon!

Thanks so much, Lisa! I love my new pouch. And now I'm feeling a little guilty for not starting mine yet... Lisa is a stay-at-home mom of 6 children, and she home-schools them. If she can finish a pouch, what's my excuse???


Heather D. said...

What a lovely package you received! I love the hexagons.

Linz said...


Toni said...

Cute pouch! Very impressed that she makes time to sew while homeschooling 6 kids. I'd probably take a nap! I do love that Terrain, too! The hexies look great. I won a little hexagon kit, so I might have to try them, too! Not sure that I have the patience for a large scale project, though.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

The hexie pouch is great. See, you can use hexies for lots of things.

**nicke... said...

i totally agree with you and sheepishly admit that i haven't finished my pouch for this round either. it WILL be done by tomorrow night! IT WILL! ;)

Jenniffier said...

So very cute!