Wednesday, April 20, 2011

W.I.P. Wednesday!

I'm back with another installment of W.I.P. Wednesday. I was nervous about joining at first. And, sure, this weekly post helps remind me of the fleeting nature of time, BUT it's helping me focus on turning my to-do list into a to-done list. (Confession: I was feeling pretty clever about that last sentence...until I realized I ripped it off an Ace Hardware commercial. Moving on.)

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


Supernova Finished2
Supernova! It was starting to feel like I hadn't finished a big project in a while, so this one was particularly sweet.

Dresden for Corey
April VIBees block. Corey precut all of the fabrics for us, so this dresden came together pretty quickly!

Ongoing projects:

Bottled Rainbows quilt-along
Bottled rainbows bright blue
Just one Bottled Rainbows block this week. 10 out of 16 blocks finished.

Completed tops awaiting quilting:
Red Letter Day quilt
Postage Stamp quilt

To do:
Dirtbikes quilt (in the mail by mid-May)
Block for VIBees
Block for Sew Beautiful bee (I finished 1/4 of this one last night, so I'm hoping to mark this off the list soon.)
Blocks for do. Good Stitches
Houndstooth quilt
Deer quilt
iPod covers for my nephews
Baby blankets

As always, head to Lee's to see what everyone else has going on.


Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Your Supernova quilt is beautiful! Congrats on the finish.
Both of the blocks are wonderful. I especially like the Bottled Rainbow block!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

I still can't believe you are finished your supernova! It's so great. And the dresden and bottle rainbow are really pretty!

CityHouseStudio said...

Oooo, I love your April block!
And your Supernova quilt is just beautiful.

Debbie said...

OH MY GOODNESS! Your Supernova is sooo beautiful! Good job! Love your bottled rainbows too...

A.J. Dub. (Amy) said...

I love your bottled rainbows block! There are some great fabrics in there.
Your Supernova looks awesome! I think yours is the first one I have seen finished.

Dawnmarie's Life said...

Love the bottled rainbows block. They all look awesome.

Mitzi said...

Your Supernova is beautiful! Looks great!

Lee said...

I'm in love with that dresden block, so pretty! And of course your Supernova is to die for. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday. : )

felicity said...

Supernova! Woo! I think this is the third time/place I've commented on it but I still LOVE it! I like how you've listed your Bee blocks as WiPs - I should do that to stay organized!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

That dresden is so darn adorable that Corey laid out, wow!! I adore your Supernova, it looks super fantastic. You're making me want to stipple mine! I love the texture it gave yours. Your Bottled Rainbows block looks fantastic - and good luck with the rest of Brooke's block, you can do it!

Leah said...

Love the little bit of Hooty Hoot in sure do make use of all your scraps!

Robin said...

you make me feel like such a slacker.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

you make me job

Unknown said...

I love your bottled rainbows block!

Leanne said...

Wow, it is all so great! Love that supernova!

Diane said...

The Super nova looks beautiful! Great job on the bottled rainbow... I just realived I didn't count mine as a WIP project this week :)

Jennifer Mathis of Ellison Lane said...

Love that Supernova. Really pretty.

Anonymous said...

Your work is beautiful. Especially like the dresden and the blue bottled rainbow. You just picked up a new follower!