Monday, February 21, 2011

Busy bee

I had the day off today, but my husband and son did not. So I spent the morning vacuuming, doing laundry, cleaning the bathrooms working on my February bee blocks!

February VIBees block for Amy
Amy asked for a block using triangles and with two borders.

VIBees--February Block for Kelly
Kelly requested blocks using half-square triangles and her Anna Maria Horner Good Folks fabric.

Sew Beautiful February block for Emily!
Emily asked for drunk love-style blocks with more Good Folks. I love working with this fabric. Makes me think of my first quilt (still one of my favorites). It's where the obsession began!


Meghan said...

Beautiful blocks!!! I had to go back and check out your first quilt---Love it!!!!

Lindsay Conner said...

These look great! And I'm so glad you spend your day not cleaning and vacuuming!

Robin said...

love them. the top one is my favorite, but they are all beautiful.

Sunshine said...

Much better than the crossed-out activities :)

audreypawdrey said...

they are all beautiful and a pleasant way to spend President's day!

Leah said...

Who has time to clean when there's crafting to be done?

Emily said...

Oh I love that your other bee is using Good Folks this month too! All your blocks are wonderful! Who has time to clean?! That's man's work anyway. :)