Monday, December 6, 2010

Simple Abundance 2: Finished!

This quilt top has been finished for a couple of months, but I finally got around to quilting and binding it. I made it for the Fat Quarterly quilt along. It's a really easy way to put a jelly roll to good use.

simple abundance 2

I had some yardage of the Sunshine print for the backing, but I didn't have quite enough. I added some strips of Kona solids to make it work.

I used this tutorial on the Fat Quarterly blog for quilting. Basically, you set your machine to do a giant zig-zag stitch. I think it's a cool effect, and it's really simple.

I used Kona Chinese Red for the binding. When I ran out of that, I switched to Sunshine.

I have to admit that I've lost my ability to make a decent mitered corner. I used to be pretty good at it, but things have really gone off the rails lately. Anyone have a foolproof tip?


Tracey Jacobsen said...

fool proof tips... hmmm.. stop 1/4" in, and pivot -- then sew out to the edge.

Great quilt! I need to try that giant zig zag... so it actually does stitches in between the zigs and zags... looks good! (I can't wait to quilt mine -- and I used this pattern for my nephew's Christmas quilt too)

Carolyn said...

I'm am awful at mitered corners!! I'll be interested to hear what tips people have.
I love the quilting on the quilt...thanks for the info on the big zigzag stitch.

Robin said...

love the quilt
love the binding
love the backing
love the zig zag

Jodi said...

I find that when I'm real fussy about how I fold up the binding fabric and then bring it down, if I make sure it's nice and square, the corners come out nice and square in the end, if that makes sense. When I'm sloppy, the corners are sloppy. I am finishing up the FQ quilt-a-along quilt top, too, this week. I might try your zig-zag quilting idea - yours looks great!

Elizabeth Dackson said...

The zig zag is awesome, I definitely need to give that a shot on a quilt! I really love how this quilt looks, great job. As for mitered corners, I'm 50/50 on them - it seems like if I slow down and pin super carefully, like Jodi mentions, they come out nicely, but if I'm rushing, I tend to be sloppy. :)

Anne at Film and Thread said...

Love your pieced back and the pieced binding. And the zig-zag quilting - excellent!

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Wonderful quilt! I like your pieced backing and binding too! Cool idea with the zig-zag quilting.

Eric, Marilyn, and Elliott said...

I know another easy way to put a jelly roll to good use: In my belly!!! HAHAHAHAHA! I slay myself.

The Bakers said...

Every time you make a new one, I think it's my favorite, and this is no exception. I love those colors and the pattern--it's beautiful.

audreypawdrey said...

This one is great! I have a jelly roll that is just waiting for me to have some time to play with it, and I may try this pattern. Love how yours turned out!