Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hooty Hoot #2 aka Whole Planet of Squares*

I finished up this quilt just in time for my friend Leah's baby shower. (Remember, I made her the small Hooty Hoot quilt a few months ago?) Leah and I picked out the fabric and design, but the finished product was still a surprise. Leah is a super-crafter, so making stuff for her is a little intimidating! Check out her blog to see all of the projects she's made with this fabric.

I based the quilt off of Elizabeth's Small Plates pattern from The Practical Guide to Patchwork. Just squares in squares. The fabric is from Riley Blake's Hooty Hoot Kangaroo line. We also added some Kona solids: chocolate, Chinese Red, snow, teal, and lake. I think the teal (dark blue) is my new fave.

I fussy cut some of the larger prints. This koala mom and baby is one of my favorites.

Love this little owl too.

The binding is the blue dots from the Hooty Hoot line. We used the blue jacks for the backing.

Leah picked out bamboo batting. I was a little worried about how the bamboo would work out. I'd heard problems of bearding and shrinking. I prewashed and dried the batting, and it shrunk by about an inch. I didn't have any problems with the bamboo, and it makes for a very soft quilt!

*When I had this quilt spread out on the floor, Luke said, "Wow! It's a whole planet of squares!" Awesome.

I used some of the scraps to make these onesies. Quick and easy gift.

This guy is all business.

One last thing: I whipped up these book plates on my antique letterpress.
Kidding, kidding! I found them on Inkello and couldn't pass them up. They're owl-riffic!


Kris said...

What a cute quilt!! I love the prints and the colors! Thanks for the info about the bamboo batting, too. I've been curious about how that works.

Robin said...

I am so impressed. I can't wait to see Alex's room all set up in Hooty Hoot. The onesies are adorable..what a nice touch.

Sunshine said...

Katie, those fabrics are adorable and the quilt turned out great! I'm so impressed by your even stitch length on the stippling - WHAT is your secret????

And how in the world do you prewash bamboo batting? I use bamboo-cotton (50/50) batting, and I've had shrinkage in finished quilts, but couldn't see a way to prewash that stuff without it fluffing all over the place...


Leslie said...

these owls are all too cute!!!! i love the fabric and those shirts are adorable.

Leah said...

The quilt is even more beautiful in person. I keep going in the nursery to look at it. And I was so surprised by the adorable onesies and bookplates. I'm so lucky to have a friend make a gorgeous quilt for me!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I love the Hooty Hoot fabric and your quilt is so cute!!! :) nice work girlie. :) ♥

tam2324l said...

Geez Katie. What's next? Totally impressed, and how DO you have time for all of this? Inquiring aunts want to know....

Anonymous said...

Ditto!! what Tammy said. How beautiful! And the onesies!


Jennifer said...

The quilt is phenomenal! I still can't believe that you made it...not that I question your abilities! It just doesn't seem possible to make something that beautiful. I love the bookplates, too, and plan to order some for my grandson!

Stephanie said...

Everything turned out so cute!!! (It's definitely even cuter in person!)

Julie said...

That quilt is my favorite so far that I have seen. This is the type of quilt that I want to make. Great job!