Thursday, June 3, 2010

Read it: The Help

I realize I'm quite possibly the last person in the known universe to read this book, so I'll just pile on to what you've probably know already. It's a great book. Incredibly well written, with characters who will stay with me for a while. I loved reading the accounts of all of the different women, with Celia being my favorite.

Now, if I can just give an open memo to Hollywood: Please don't make the movie suck. I looked at the IMDB page. Reportedly Emma Stone has signed on as Skeeter (you may know her from Zombieland) and Viola Davis will play Aibileen. Bryce Dallas Howard will play Hilly, and Octavia Spencer will be Minny. Someone on the IMDB message board recommended Kristin Chenoweth for Celia, to which I reply, "Yes, please!"

Hey, if you like reading books, you should check out my sister's friend's Web site, Girls Gone Reading. She has lots of book reviews and an online book club, where you can discuss books like The Help.


Robin said...

loved this book, Katie.
And I must have mid-term memory loss, because I thought you recommended it a few months ago.

See? even when you don't do anything, I end up giving you credit for it.

Tracey Jacobsen said...

I haven't read it yet.

Thank you for telling me about it.

susan@tickledpaisley said...

I promise you aren't the last...I haven't read it yet - but it's on my to do list!