Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wondering when your favorite shows are coming back after the winter hiatus?

Just click here for a handy schedule.

I'm marking my calendar for...
Modern Family (January 6)
Chuck (January 10)
Lost {If I have to...} (February 2)
and Burn Notice (January 21)

I've missed you most of all, Michael and Fi. Okay, mainly Michael...


Leah said...

I forgot that the Winter Olympics were coming up. I know that the last Project Runway was really delayed; it's hard to believe that a new season is starting next month.

Wendy P said...

If I can watch House MD, I'm happy.

We've missed several seasons of Burn Notice and have to catch up.

I heard Burn Notice may be leaving Miami. Stupid Florida politicians who took away all incentives for filming here. Don't they want the publicity? The tourism? Hello?

At least it is not canceled.