Monday, June 8, 2009

Pink bathroom makeover

Have I mentioned my pink bathroom? The previous owners of my house obviously loved pink. The sink, tub, toilet, cabinets, and tile are all a lovely shade of rose, accented by classy Donald Trump-gold fixtures and hardware. Oh, the humanity. Some day we'll redo the bathroom, but we're going to have to gut it and start over. That's not in the budget right now, so instead we went for a quick weekend makeover. (By "we," I mean my dad and Justin. Emphasis on the dad.)

Cabinets before.

Cabinets after: new hardware and espresso paint.
Yes, the sink is still pink, but I find it more palatable with the brown cabinets.
Before: Oh, did I forget to mention that the walls were painted a lavender/blue color? There was at one time a floral border above the tile, but we took that down when we moved in.

After: The walls got a coat of Powell Buff. It looks yellow here, but it's really more of a khaki. We got a 5-gallon bucket of this Benjamin Moore paint when we moved in two years ago, and we've now used it in the bathroom, living room, hall, and sunroom.

I'm very excited about this print that will go in the wall pictured above. (From Etsy, of course.)
A little bit of paint makes a big difference here!


Anonymous said...

How cute Katie! I really like the brown with the pink. I'm glad you are making your dad earn his keep. Aunt T

Leah said...

Love the espresso paint, and that print couldn't be more perfect.

Stephanie said...

Oh, wow. That looks phenomenal! I love it!

Natalie said...

It looks great, Katie.

brother said...

Could I have the gold knobs please?

Katie B said...

Brother: Sorry, but I've already listed the knobs on eBay.

Anonymous said...

Impressive. MM

The Bakers said...

I had to wait 10 minutes for these photos to load on my parents' dial-up, but it was totally worth it. Wow--it looks so much better!