Friday, May 29, 2009

Katie's guide to summer TV

I’ve had such a lull in my TV watching lately. Sure, I’ve had more time to read and do the dishes, but I’m ready for some good shows to start. Luckily, the Summer TV Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly arrived in the mail today, reminding me that hope is on the horizon. Here's what I'll be watching.

  • Pushing Daisies: This fave returns on Saturday, May 30, with the final three episodes. Sniff. (Note: The also-canceled Eli Stone returns with the four final episodes on June 20, and the four remaining episodes of Dirty Sexy Money will air starting July 18.)
  • Burn Notice: I've heard great things about this show, so I'm giving it try, starting with Season 1 on DVD. (Season 3 starts on June 4.)
  • Weeds: This show is a can't-miss for me. Note to self: Restart Showtime subscription before June 8 premiere.
  • Nurse Jackie: I'll be paying for Showtime, so I might as well give this show a try. I suspect that Edie Falco + Showtime = high-quality programming. (Premieres June 8.)
  • The Closer: Kyra Sedgwick is consistently entertaining. I like to have episodes of this show on my DVR for rainy days. (Returns June 8.)
  • True Blood: More, please. (Welcome back Sookie and the vamps on June 14.)
  • Hung: If this new HBO show is as funny as the premise, I'm in. NOTE: The show is on HBO, and it's called "Hung." Consider yourself warned before pressing "play." (Begins June 28.)

  • Big Brother: The guiltiest of my guilty pleasures. You don't have to tell me it's crap. I'm aware, and I love it anyway. (Coming back July 9.)
  • Entourage: I'll be counting down the days until Vince and the boys return. Current count: 45 days. (Returns July 12.)

There you have it. What will you be watching this summer?


Leah said...

I can't wait for True Blood. I saw a preview for Jada Pinkett Smith's show with Michael Vartan, which looked similar to Nurse Betty, and I can tell you that the Dueffer household won't be watching it. There was a scene where she defied a doctor's order "because it was wrong" and Heinz was NOT happy. He said, "She is not the one with a medical license."

Now that there's a lull on our DVR, we have been obsessively watching Buffy. We're almost at the end of season 2. I heart TV shows on DVD.

Natalie said...

I've been burning through my Netflix and reading. But watching So you think you can dance & that's about it for right now. Think I will try out Burn Notice and Nurse Jackie... do NOT like Kyra Sedwick.