Sunday, June 10, 2012

Typewriter pouch

My friend Leah appreciates handmade things, so when her birthday came around I decided to make her a zippered pouch.
Typewriter zip After seeing all of Amber's awesome work with Melody Miller's typewriter fabric, I had to get some of my own (if you're shopping for typewriter fabric, I found all three colorways here). I wanted the pouch to have a flat bottom, so I used the Scrappy Make-Up Pouch tutorial by Noodlehead as the basis of my pattern.
Typewriter zip inside
A peek at the Tula Pink interior fabric. The exterior is Robert Kaufman's Quilter's Linen. We're not going to look too closely at my zipper ends, okay? I think I "accidentally" cropped them out of this photo. Let's just say I need practice!